why brown guys?

topic posted Wed, June 29, 2005 - 3:39 PM by  Ulysses

Well, this is a question to the ladies here. What attracted y'all to brown guys? Usually when people ask why a somene has an attraction to a specific group member of the opposite sex, a good number of reasons end up stemming from generalized opinions about the group to which that person belongs(like some one saying ... "I like Asian girls they are usually such and such ...").

Question is, what made you ladies be attracted to brown guys? Is it because you just happened to meet a guy whom you liked who also happened to be brown or is it something else?
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    Re: why brown guys?

    Wed, June 29, 2005 - 5:15 PM
    Hey Arun! I saw this tribe in your list and joined it because I thought it was hilarious :> Great idea! God makes some very nice masterpieces, for sure...

    me? I'm an equal opportunity guy-watcher (married, so it is all just watching!) ... but there is something about the combination of fair to olive skin and dark, dark eyes that i really like. It's kind of like chocolate cake with vanilla icing... yummy :)

    And yes, my husband fits this description.

    Also curly-haired Indian boys - the longer the hair the better - are fun to look at. Never could figure that one out.

    And yes, Arun, you will look VERY different when you shave your head. One of my former students did it and took like ten years off his appearance. And sure, I'll say it - he's hot.

    "J'aime regarder les... hommes... qui marchent sur la plage" ;)
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      Thu, June 30, 2005 - 8:03 AM

      Andrea, its cool that you joined this tribe( I'm glad that I'm bringing some people over here!). So basically you like guys that fit the tanned skin tone description.

      would'nt the combination of fair to olive skin and dark eyes be a vanilla cake with chocolate icing and not the other way round? :)

      I reckon your husband is Italian.

      Another interesting fact regarding the fair-olive skin tone is ... a majority of guys from north India or Pakistan have such a skin tone(well, I'm Indian and so please pardon this example from a specific part of the world). But I'm from the south of India and typically we have a much darker skin tone .... more like dark brown(who knows .... shave my head and I could pass as a Black guy!).

      I think from a historical point of view, north of India has bee having Aryans from central Asia and south of India has been having Dravidians(Afro descent) and since 1000s of years these 2 intermingled to create a neutral brown color. But again .... people in northern parts of the Indian region have more caucasian in their mix and people in south have more afro in their mix and hence the difference in skin color.

      I know, such a damn geeky rant right? well, atleast we are trying to have some conversation going here, so its good.
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        Re: why brown guys?

        Thu, June 30, 2005 - 8:28 AM
        >would'nt the combination of fair to olive skin and dark eyes be a >vanilla cake with chocolate icing and not the other way round? :)
        Yeah... but I like chocolate cake better .... ;)

        Indians/desis in general are *so* diverse in terms of appearance and skin tone... most people in the US don't really notice; they just see one brown person and don't differentiate. You have dark, dark people from the south (also a few fair ones...), more middle-eastern looking kinds from the north and Pakistan, and those redheaded kashmiris who can pass as russian and those who almost look Chinese from the eastern states and Nepal.

        And they're *all* good :)

        And I'm not dissing the "wheatish" guys at all ... all last year I had a mini-crush on this guy from south india... six feet tall, long curly hair, great smile, the BEST hats... and a voice that sounded like fingernails on a chalkboard. Guess you can't have it all :P
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          Fri, July 1, 2005 - 11:25 AM

          wow, I think you are one of the few non-Indians to have had such an intuitive perception on the ethnical diversity. very cool.

          mini-crush? Is'nt that a ... tres grande Non parce que vous etes marie?

          On a side note, I am 5 10'' personally I have always felt bad that I'm not 6 feet.
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            Re: why brown guys?

            Fri, July 1, 2005 - 2:05 PM
            oui, c'est un mini crush juste parce que je suis mariée .... sinon, ça serait du très grand crush ;)

            and i hang out with so many that it's hard NOT to notice the differences ... :)
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              Re: why brown guys?

              Thu, September 29, 2005 - 12:44 PM
              I think Pakistani men are the HOTTEST in the world!!! With Indian, Persian and Arab genes in the mix, how can you go wrong? The best of all worlds, IMHO!!!

              I'll post a few pics of some friends of mine from Pakistan, and you'll see what I mean!!!

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    Thu, June 30, 2005 - 8:17 PM
    As creator of this lovely group, I MUST respond.
    As Andrea pointed out, apparently, us females like to compare our men to desserts! LOL
    I love that combination to, but I'm not really a chocolate fan - Caramel is more my therefore, my favorite dessert (and brown man to me combo) would nothing but....

    DULCE DE LECHE! : ) : ) : )

    I'm glad you got a little geeky on the explanation there Arun - it's good to educate the populus. I actually just learned about all of that these past 4 months - I work for a company where there are a lot of Desis and we have a lot of history discussions. (Like the REAL origin and meaning of the Swastika! ) : )

    As for brown, it's just beautiful...
    Big gorgeous brown eyes...dark lashes...LOVE!!
    Smooth yummy skin...and there's nothing sexier than a nice brown beautiful bod on crisp clean white sheets (or shirt or pants).
    YUM. Okay, can everyone tell I'm totally madly in love with my man or what? LOL

    Brown + White = the BEST skin tone around....therefore beautiful children too.

    PLUS - Brown men are sweet and romantic! Desi movies may be long, cheesy, and melodramatic but who cares! If my man wants to act like that with me, I'll take it. : )

    Thanks for posting pics! Get some more brownies to join!

    -My 25 cents.
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      Fri, July 1, 2005 - 11:30 AM

      Thanks Kri. Interestingly, India is the one of the few(or maybe the only) country where public display of the swastika is not illegal.

      By the way, I did my part and invited the only other brown guy in my friends' realm in tribe(not sure if he will join).

      Since we already have more guys than girls here, why don't you invite 2 girls for every guy that I invite? ;-) and besides ... lots of inactive people in this tribe as well .... whats up with that? Should'nt you be flogging at people for not being active, you being the mod?

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